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India is a blend of vogue and tradition; the vibrant colours of India are truly enchanting. Be at one with bustling cities and surrender to the simplicity of villages in Rajasthan drenched in wide and inhospitable desert and history. It is the land of sand dunes, lakes, palaces and forts, men & women in colorful turbans and lehangas, busy towns, placid villages, camel & elephant safaris. It can also give you the opportunity to treasure trove the undiscovered definations of adventure.

At Pushkar Thrill we give you tailor hand crafted itineraries of many regions of Rajasthan to reveal its diverse culture, heritage and arts. With Pushkar Thrill you can experience the back drop jewel of country side with the local perspective. And be touched by the spirituality of this land. A journey through pushkar thrill is enriching, inspiring and unforgettable.

Intimate & Authentic Journeys

Pushkar thrill experiences are inspired from the belief that culture and people is more what a guidebook or regular site seeing's offer.

With Pushkar Thrill you will fill your life with experiences not things and have stories to tell not stuff to show. Do you want to die with some amazing memories or with just dreams? Pushkar Thrill can make your dreams a reality and your wanderlust with amazing and exploring Rajasthan will be so majestic that you will promise to come again in India. We specialize in Village Trips, Cycling Trips, Village& Farm Stays, Holly Visits, City walks, NGO Trips, Bush Walking, Extreme Adventures & Wild Life trips and many more.

We create opportunities for you to immense in local culture by visiting private residences, enjoy the warm hospitality of local family, explore hidden temples and there magnificent architecture and get involved in prayers and ceremony's, visit remote villages to interact with local communities and meet local artisans and witness our rich art and craft traditions. And enjoy the memorable rides on the back of camels & horses and explore wilderness of Thar Desert. And reveal the original Rajasthan, India.

We at pushkar thrill gives you handpicked tailored tours of Rajasthan, India which is once in lifetime experience. Our team of experienced, professional and knowledgeable staff can help you in your all travel programs.

Yoga & Cycling Journeys

At Pushkar Thrill, we craft intimate cycling holidays to many regions of India and Asia at Large. Our well-researched, hand-crafted itineraries are designed to reveal region's diverse culture, heritage and countryside and experience the destination from a local perspective. We see biking and hiking as a catalyst for new paradigm based on the human traits of truth, honesty and freedom and so is followed by our people.

Upcomming Events

PUSHKAR FAIR 2017at Pushkar, Ajmer
The Pushkar Fair has two components -- the camel trading and religious rituals. The camel trading, which is the main attraction for tourists, happens early in the festival (during the initial five days) and then winds up as the focus shifts to pilgrims bathing in the holy lake.
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Urs Festival at Dargah Sharif Ajmer
The annual celebration at the Dargah or tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti, in Ajmer will be observed with great fervor last week or May in this year 2014. The Urs (the death anniversary of the saint) is an occasion for a massive pilgrimage, with thousands of devotees flocking to the dargah. The celebrations continue for six days, commencing with the hoisting of a white flag on the tomb by the Sajdanashin.
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